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Mother of the Bride

on this day we share
the warmth of love
& vow to belong to each other
on this day thank you
for the gift of your Daughter

Mother of the Groom

on this day we share
the warmth of love
& vow to belong to each other
on this day thank you
for the gift of your Son

Long ago when I was small and everything was new,
I hoped and dreamed when I grew up that I'd be just like you.

Through the years you've helped me grow with love and strength to spare,
your guidance means so much to me that nothing could compare.

As I’m walking down the aisle,
my eyes will meet with yours and we’ll share a knowing smile.

For we both know my life will change on this my wedding day.
And all you’ve shared and taught to me will help me find my way.

Thank you Mom for Everything.

Butterfly kisses, afternoons at the park,
calling me home before it was dark.

Holding your hand when crossing the street,
making sure I was buckled in the car seat.

Although I was young, I did pay attention,
to the ways that you cared, too many to mention.

As I grew older, you gave me my space
and yet you were there, any time, any place.

You're the one that I've turned to again and again,
and I'll still need you now as I needed you then.

Thank you Mom for Everything. I Love You.

For My Grandmother

Grandmother's always been there to soothe and to confide,
to know no matter what she'd always take my side.

Knowing that you'll be here on this special day,
gives me so much comfort in oh so many ways.

So thank you for your wisdom, and all your loving care,
it fills my heart with gladness to know you're always there.

Grandmother's always been there to soothe and to confide,
and on the day I marry, I will feel your love inside.

You are a Wonderful Grandmother.

To marry your son is the dream of my life,
I'll be so proud to become this man's wife.

You've been his mentor for all of these years,
there for him always through laughter and fears.

You knew when to guide him and when to let go,
the latter the hardest as most parents know.

Because of your caring he grew up to be
the love of my life a blessing to me.

My heart is so grateful for all that you've done,
I'll lovingly spend my life with your son.

Thank you for raising a wonderful man.

Well here it is, the day has come, this man and I will unite as one.

No longer mother's little girl but a woman in lace, satin and pearls.

I've always known dreams do come true, and this I know I learned from you.

Thank you mom for all you've done, my life with him has just begun.

I Love You

After the wedding when our loved ones have gone,
and the fragrance of flowers has lingered til dawn.

When the last piece of cake at the table is cut,
the lights have all dimmed and the doors have been shut.

When everything is quiet our memories made,
and each flower petal is starting to fade.

It's then in that moment my thoughts will be free,
to think of how special you've made this for me.

After the wedding and all the years through,
this day will be special because of you.

Thank You Mom for Everything

I realize as I marry what it takes to be a wife.
It takes the things you taught to me all throughout my life.

It’s believing in another’s dream until it has come true.
Cheering in the background, “I am so proud of you!”

It’s having your convictions and admitting when you're wrong.
It’s showing you have weaknesses but knowing that you’re strong.

And so the day they say to us, “We pronounce you man and wife,”
I’ll strive to be just like you, the one who gave me life.

Thank You Mom For Everything.

I'll marry the man I know is the one,
the one that I love is the one you call son.

I thank you now for giving him life,
for teaching him to love, for I'll be his wife.

I'll reap the reward for all that you've done,
for the one that I love is the one you call son.

Thank you for raising such a wonderful man

Dear friend of mine your work is done,
so proud of the woman she has become.

The love you will feel as she walks down the aisle,
will bring a tear to your eye and a knowing smile.

I'm sure you will feel with a mother's pride,
that she's never been lovelier than the day she's a bride.

With you as her mother it's really quite clear,
her loveliness has come from you my dear.

Much Love to You on this Special Day.

As Your Son Gets Married

As he walks down the aisle to open life's doors,
a remarkable man, know the triumph is yours.

For you taught him about honesty, caring, and trust,
intentions kept honorable, and actions kept just.

With a mother's devotion over and above,
by your own example, you taught him to love.

Now today you will wish him the very best life,
as a brand new husband with a lovely new wife.

And he'll always remember, though a new life to start,
you were his first love, and will remain in his heart.

You have been my guiding star shining from above,
lighting every path I took with a mother’s love.

Funny how I see it now, the light you’ve always shown.
I see it for the gift it’s been now that I am grown.

Every sacrifice you’ve given, every time you chose to praise,
you were laying a foundation for my life in many ways.

You made it seem so easy and what I should expect,
I now know that I owe you all my love and my respect.

Again your light is shining on this new path of my life,
I thank you Mom for all you’ve done as I become his wife.

With All My Love & Gratitude

I don't know how to thank you, for all you've given me,
your guidance, love, and wisdom, made the man I've come to be.

I've never seen more clearly, all it took for you to raise,
a child into a man, and to never ask for praise.

Soon I will be married and I hope in life I'll be,
half the person you have been, and make you proud of me.

For all the years we've had, and for all the years to come,
I am so very proud to be, the one who you call son.

Thank You Mom for Everything


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